Grant Application

Golden Cross Foundation funds three broad areas of older adult ministries in the Tennessee Annual Conference:

  1. Enhancing ministries to and with older adults in United Methodist Local Churches, Districts and the Tennessee Conference.
  2. Encouraging Churches to support the needs of individual older adults in their communities.
  3. Addressing broader societal issues affecting Older Adults within the bounds of the Tennessee Conference.


  1. The ministry (program/project) must contribute directly to the mission and ministries of making disciples of Jesus Christ and must be consistent with the doctrine and social principles of the United Methodist Book of Discipline.
  2. The ministry must focus on developing intentional, innovative, and creative ministries by, with and for older adults.
  3. Applications shall be submitted by local congregations, districts or other entities in the Tennessee Conference of The United Methodist Church for the purpose of developing and implementing ministries that impact the well-being of older adults.
  4. The ministry must:
    1. address root causes of critical issues related to older adults;
    2. include a process for local churches (or districts or other entities) to
    3. listen, discern, and respond to the issues and concerns of older adults;
    4. enhance the spiritual faith development of older adults;
    5. demonstrate significant involvement of older adults in decision-making, development, and implementation of the program/project;
    6. be culturally sensitive and inclusive in all aspects of the program/project;
    7. demonstrate a commitment from other funding partners for ongoing support
  5. All applications will be reviewed by and grants awarded through funding by the Golden Cross Foundation.
  6. Priority will be given to new ministries or pilot projects.
  7. Grants are “seed money” for expansion of an existing or a new ministry. Funds are not provided for budget deficit reduction or for ongoing programs.
  8. Grants will be awarded on a one-year basis and only one grant a year will be awarded per recipient.
  9. Typical maximum amount per grant is up to $10,000 (to be determined by the magnitude of the project/ministry). Grants will be a “matching grant” and Golden Cross Foundation will fund up to 50% of the ministry project proposal.
  10. Complete the Grant Application found on pages 5 – 6 of this document.
  11. Due date for submitting an Older Adult Ministry Grant Application in 2017 is on or before February 20, April 17, August 14, or November 13.

Application Guidelines

  1. Stating the Problem/Need
    1. What are the issues or needs that are being addressed by the church, district, or other TN Conference related entity requesting these funds?
    2. How have the persons who will benefit from this ministry been involved in the decisions about the issues and needs?
    3. Who is most affected by this issue/need?
    4. Support in preparing your Grant Application can be obtained by contacting Dr. Richard Gentzler, director of ENCORE Ministries, at (Website:
  2. Description of the Ministry
    1. What solutions have you already attempted to do to meet the issue/need?
    2. What are you going to do to address the needs?
  3. Ministry Objectives
    1. What do you want to accomplish through this ministry (desired outcomes)?
    2. Describe the steps to be taken to achieve the desired objectives of your ministry.
      1. Who are the beneficiaries of this ministry
      2. When and where will the ministry take place
  4. Evaluation Plan
    1. Evaluation lets us know what a ministry looks like in operation, as well as the results it is achieving. How are you going to evaluate this ministry?
      1. Who will handle the evaluation?
      2. What methods will you use to evaluate?
    2. Golden Cross Foundation requires a written ministry evaluation within twelve (12) months after receiving a grant.
  5. Budget
    1. Aside from this grant, how do you plan to obtain funds to operate this ministry?
    2. List the amounts of money received or committed from your local church, district, annual conference, or other funding sources.
  6. Leadership
    1. Who are the persons involved in the leadership of the ministry?
    2. Are a majority of the decision-makers for this ministry older adults?
  7. Submission Procedures
    1. The original application must be submitted on or before four (4) weeks prior to the quarterly meeting of the Golden Cross Foundation board of directors each year.
    2. All required Endorsement Signatures must accompany your grant application at the time of your submission.
    3. Mail completed Grant Application Form (pages 5-6, including Attachments A-F) to:

Kent McNish, Executive Director
Golden Cross Foundation
304 South Perimeter Park Drive, Suite 9
Nashville, TN 37211
Fax: 615-871-8111


If Your Grant Application is Approved

If your grant application is approved and funded, you will:

  1. Be notified by mail (email and/or phone call) no later than two (2) weeks following the approval of your application.
  2. Be asked to sign and return an Agreement Form.
  3. Receive a check for the full amount of the grant (unless specific details are indicated upon grant approval).
  4. Be required to evaluate the program/project within twelve (12) months of receiving the grant award and submit a written report to the Executive Director of Golden Cross Foundation.
  5. Be required to include with your (12 month) written evaluation a summary of the ministry (minimum 500 words) and to include any photos and/or videos detailing the ministry. Photos and/or video may be put on both ENCORE Ministries and Golden Cross Foundation websites.

An evaluation report must be completed and submitted along with photos and supporting documents within 12 months of receiving Grant Funding from the Golden Cross Foundation.